Friday, February 26, 2010

Of the Familial and the Exotic


I took a day trip to Kentucky to hang with my family and opted for some serious chartreuse to fortify me for the drive.

My sister: You're wearing leggings as pants!
Me: No way!
My sister: Leggings are not pants!
Me: My butt is covered! I'm wearing leggings as leggings!
My sister: You're pushing it, pal.


green tank: Forever 21
green top: Old Navy?
necklace: A buddy made it for me!
leggings: Lamixx
boots: thrift

My family ended up going to Kohl's (one of my favorite shopping spots, as avid readers might note) and they just happened to have these killer heels in each of our sizes for the rocking cost of $7. So now we all have matching shoes and we wear them loud and proud.

Loud and proud!

Once I got back to C-Bus, I geared up for a luau at the awesome abode of Leeanna.

Oh dress-up, how I missed you!



So I'm not too good at make-up. Frankie still loves me.


dress - My sister bought it for me!
leggings - Lamixx
shoes - Banana Republic
coat - A vintage gift.
gloves - thrift


jesse.anne.o said...

That luau dress is amazing and fits so well. I like how you paired it with black stuff instead of summery stuff.

Alex M said...

I did not know that there were pictures of all of you wearing your matching shoes!
hahaha those are great!

Anonymous said...

dress is divine! pretty!

love, fiftyseven

~Hurricane B~ said...

I think that is adorable, that you all bought the same shoe. Rock it!

I also think you did your makeup just fine, I like the big eyelashes and the cute lil gloves with the coat, never would think you looked so sunny under it. Hope you had fun.

Becky said...

Jesse - Thanks! I had to do something to keep from feeling too ridiculous as I walked to the party in the snow!


p577 - Many thanks!

Hurricane - We all have great taste in shoes but it's rare that we all love the same pair! And I truly appreciate your kind luau comments!

Londyn said...

Love the family shoe pic! I need to visit kohls!

Also adore the dress and leggings :)

Lauren said...

every time i see you in that dress i am both jealous and proud!

(i'm glad you wore it!)

Peldyn said...

Love those shoes!!!! Now I am coveting them, LOL!
As for the Hawaiian print dress, I had a formal dress in that exact same pattern when I was in the 7th grade. Seriously. That was in the 70's!

Becky said...

Londyn - Thanks for your kind comments! I like featuring my fancy family...

Lou - I'm glad I did, too! And if I went face first in a snow drift, it's not like I'd be hard to find.

Peldyn - Amazing! My dance dresses were never that colorful...