Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Merry, Quite Contrary

Merry Christmas or whatever it is you celebrate at this time of year! I feel very lucky to be able to share these festive sentiments with you, lovely readers.

These are all repeat pieces that I'm trying to rework into new, interesting looks. I've noticed that some ladies who have to get gussied every morning will wear the same, say, twenty looks over and over and while I do not judge them at all, that seems a sad fate for a fashion nerd like myself. So, without constantly buying new garments, I'm going to try to keep my perfect record of never wearing the exact same outfit to work more than once. We'll see what happens. I make no guarantees, especially on those mornings I oversleep...

12-04 lean

12-04 belt

jacket - thrift
dress - Kohl's
belt - Forever 21
shoes - TJ Maxx

After putting all my brain power into a professional appearance during the week, I've been slacking on my ensembles after hours. Here's to hoping that's only temporary.

12-05 shrug

12-05 detail

12-05 back
This sweater didn't fit quite right in the middle so I pinned it in the back. It's more flattering but doesn't feel so great on my back...

sweater - vintage
purple top - Forever 21
belt - thrift
jeans - Old Navy
boots - thrift
boot scarf - thrift

12-10 pockets
These tights were a big deal in the office. Colorful legs! The insanity!

I kind of look like a dude with my hair back.

12-10 ring
I kind of look like a dude from the '80s.

12-10 lean
I'm just imagining the '80s coming of age movie in which I star as a lovelorn dude.

earrings - Hm. I'm not sure.
sweater - Kohl's
dress - the same!
tights - TJ Maxx
shoes - also the same!

This is what I wore to the holiday office party. The dress is a little more snug than I would have liked but it's my only red dress and I was dedicated to being festive.

12-11 lean

12-11 detail

12-11 question

12-11 coat
Why not wear a fur-lined coat?

dress - thrift
shoes - TJ Maxx
coat - vintage


Anonymous said...

what a fantastic coat! I have a black & grey fur coat that I've been sporting non-stop since the temps dipped below 30C.

I was BIG into not wearing the same thing twice in college, but now being unschooled & unemployed, I've lost my pizazz. :(

Rosie Unknown said...

I love all your outfits, but the belt in the first and the dress in the last are particularly amazing!

FairyLadyStyle said...

amazing belt !

visit my blog:

Candycane said...

I love the black dress and cardie, and you made me laugh so much with your comments about being an 80's lovelorn dude :D


Sarah said...

You look beautiful and stylish, as always! Happy New Year :)

Peldyn said...

That belt is fantastic! I totally want it! I really like the skirt you wear with it as well. I will now have to find fabric like that. Dang, I HAD fabric like that and I made a blouse out of it that I subsequently gave away. Must see if I have any leftover!

Becky said...

lexih - Thanks for your coat compliment! Rock the vintage fur! And - So far so good on the no repeat outfit.

Rosie - Thank you, dear!

FairyLady - I like it, too!

Candy - Many thanks. I look like a dude more oft than I'd like to admit.

Sarah - Ah, shucks! How kind!

Peldyn - I so often find myself regretting times when I got rid of certain articles of clothing! But if I didn't keep cleaning out the closet, I would drown in clothes... The fabric is dress is from Kohl's and I could almost guarantee that you could find one on the clearance rack.