Friday, December 4, 2009

Bang-Up Job

Dear the internets,

Please help. I saw the cutest girl in the entire world last night and she makes me want to cut my hair into bangs.

bang bang my baby shot me down
Photo by Scott Beseler

She's Jessi Darlin from the band Those Darlins and I saw her play in Cincinnati yesterday. She has bangs that are so beautiful they make me want some of my own.

bang bang my baby shot me down
Photo by Scott Beseler

The only thing is, it is my impression that 95% of ladies who cut bangs immediately regret it. I speak from experience. Traumatic, middle school bang-related horror experience.

bang bang my baby shot me down
Photo by Scott Beseler

But. They look so good!

Any advice?



Emily said...

I had bangs last year, or maybe 2 years ago? I loved them but I just hated the upkeep- you have to get them trimmed every 2 weeks or so. And I like having my hair be low maintenance so I just grew them out. I loved them though, if they just stayed the proper length!!

Oranges And Apples said...

Hi, I love my fringe/bangs, although I'm growing it out just now for a change. But yeah, curly hair and frige are not usually a good combination. You'd have to commit to straightening it every day I guess. She does look amazing in the photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! :) I have curly/wavy hair and I have bangs. I do agree with the above poster, some days they are a bit troublesome. My bangs are not straight, I keep them wavy. I just blow dry with a diffuser along with the rest of the hair on my head. If a few pieces don't curl the way I like them too, I use a small curling iron for adjustments.

Becky said...

Thank you, ladies! My fringe fervor has subsided for now... Because I'm such a lazy slob with my hair, I decided not to cut. I truly appreciate your input... I needed an opinion that was something a little more than the, "Ugh, no way!" I was getting from my boyfriend.