Sunday, November 8, 2009

Old Haunts and Haughty Homes

I promise I am not a bad person. I'm just a slightly overwhelmed person. I truly regret any discomfort on your part due to blogging-related neglect.

The Whole Posse
On Friday, many awesome people accompanied me to Bobby Mackey's which is just outside of Covington, KY. It is apparently haunted and for $5, the proprietors will give you a little tour of the basement. They tell me a gentleman who makes appearances on a ghost hunting TV program was accosted by spirits on camera down there but the most frightening moment for me involved dumb redneck boys.

10/30 makeup
I was Twiggy. Many many thanks to my Momma who plied my makeup.

How to dress for comfort: Step 1, procure an awesome soft slip from an amazing friend. Step 2, wear a fuzzy sweater over it. Step 3, don't bother putting on pants.


sweater - Free People
slip - a gift from Lisa... She rules!
leggings - La Mixx
boots - thrift

I finally found a use for my union suit! It's the world's most comfortable Halloween costume! I am a raging hillbilly (quite a stretch... har) and Greg was an Ambien zombie.

I was in Columbus for the holiday so my Grego and I went to the Short North area for the last few minutes of the High Ball. The show had descended into chaos by the time we got there but that was fine by me. I saw too many brilliant costumes to list. I saw a dog dressed as a chicken. Genius.

That is a bona-fide Rabbit Hash brand corn cob pipe. Monica, a dear friend who I met through my old job, bought it for me.



Sunday, we had a few neighbors and loved ones over to celebrate my new job. This was my shopping ensemble...

11/1 detail

sweater - thrift
top - Free People
jeans - 7 For All Mankind
shoes - Old Navy

11/1 party

... And this was my party look.

11/1 party side

11/1 party detail

It was truly lovely to be surrounded by supportive Columbusians.

sweater - Old Navy
kercheif - thrift
top - TJ Maxx
skirt - the Carroll County Flea Market
shoes - Shoetopia in Northside, Cincinnati

I'll post all about my first week at my new job soon but now I must go to sleep.


Kendra said...

Yay, good luck at the new job!!

LOVE the halloween costumes, LOL

eednic said...

i love your 10/31 outfit. you look comfortable, chic, and relaxed!

Becky said...

Kendra - Thanks! I love a chance to play dress-up...

eednic - Many thanks... I was quite relaxed!

Rosie Unknown said...

Your halloween costume is awesome!

Becky said...

Rosie - And it was so comfortable, too!