Monday, September 14, 2009

Short Skirt, Long Weekend

09-11 going out
I went to the movies with my beau who convinced me to see 9. I told him that if the flick was not up to my standards, he would have to make out with me, high school style, in the theater. Unfortunately, it's actually a pretty good movie.

09-11 going out knee09-11 going out heel

09-11 going out detail

jacket - thrift, vintage
pin - 'twas a gift
dress - thrift, vintage wedding dress altered
jeans - Urban Outfitters
shoes - Old Navy

I visited my great grandma on Saturday. She's 95 and still tuff as hell... No glasses, no need for false teeth, no walker or cane, and a sharp, witty sense of humor. I so hope I grow up to be her.

09-12 detail

09-12 cat look
In a fit of fairytale-inspired insanity, I offered to take Mico to see grandma in a basket. She was not impressed with the idea.

09-12 cat cuddle

09-12 cat loving

jacket - vintage
dress - I can't remember the brand. I got it at TJ Maxx.
bracelet - thrift, vintage
sandals - Old Navy

09-12 going out
After returning from gramma's, I attended an OSU football game party. I will never understand the ardor for college football. It's cool, though, because while most people were glued to the TV, I drank lots of beer and ate a banana split. Yum.

09-12 going out shoulder

09-12 going out detail

09-12 going out necklace

jacket - thrift, vintage
necklace - an antique mall in Mt. Vernon, OH
dress - Free People
halter under dress - The Gap
jeans - Urban Outfitters
shoes - Old Navy

09-13 suitcase
This is what I packed for my work week in Kentucky.

09-13 suitcase detail
I was feeling a somewhat bright and colorful.


Rosie Unknown said...

Cute outfits!

Frederik Sisa said...

I agree with Rosie. Cute outfits!

The pictures are a wee bit on the dark side, though...

Tina Lane said...

Thank you for fighting the frump in the midwest. It is much appreciated.

Becky said...

Thanks, all!

I'll keep an eye on the murkiness of my photos ... Thanks for the tip, Frederik.