Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flower Stems

09-04 party
Friday evening, I went to a clothes swap party at my lovely buddy Theresa's place. I wanted to get a little gussied up to see my Cincinnati friends so this is what I donned.

Oh man, I can't wait to show you what I scored for free!

09-04 party shoes
Though not free, these are my favorite shoes right now. They were only $10.50!

09-04 party hair
What a lop-sided face I have!

09-04 party blur

dress - vintage/thrift
tights - Betsey Johnson at TJ Maxx
socks - My momma's sock drawer
shoes - Rag-O-Rama in Columbus


john does Amsterdam said...

i still love the name of your blog- it has character :)

and i always love your posts. hope all in well in oh-


Frederik Sisa said...

I dig the shoes...cross belts are always a chic detail. I also like like how they cross over the laces. Very nice.

Although stylistically very different, I'm reminded of these Demonia Deviant sneaks I recently bought that have zippered double-straps that cross the upper, buckle on the outside, and serve as very nice cover to hide the tied laces.

Rosie Unknown said...

Great outfit, the last picture is so amazing!

Mars said...

adorable :D i am sooo envious of those tights!

Paige said...

those shoes are WAY amazing, I'm so jealous. The thrifting in columbus seems pretty amazing from the blogs i've seen.

Midwest Darling

Clare said...

Absolutely fantastic tights!

Kim said...

Those tights are absolutely amazing! It's been bothering me who you resemble and this last post finally did it - Evan Rachel Wood! (But without all her scary make-up)
I love your pictures!

Becky said...

John - I am a character. Life is awesome!

Frederik - I'll have to check out your sneakers. The only thing that irks me about my little boots is that they're a pain to get on and off ... all the lacing and buckling is quite a pain!

Rosie - Thanks! It was a happy accident.

Mars - Check your local TJ Maxx stat!

Paige - It is rad but frankly, I like sorting through all the thrift stores in KY to find that one shining vintage number.

Clare - Many thanks!

Becky said...

Kim - Hah! You're not the first person to say that to me! I'll have to check her out. I'm not familiar with her work.

Frederik Sisa said...

I see your point about it being a pain to take the boots on and off. It's like buying a pair of knee-high docs with a muchokazillion holes. They take up space in the closet very nicely. Hopefully your boots won't suffer the same ignominious fate. :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

I love, love Swap parties. They are so much fun, you get to be with friends, get rid of stuff you dont use. THEN you get to have new stuff for FREE!!!=)

Becky said...

Frederick - Actually, embarassingly, your comment reminds me that I have a pair of beautiful black Docs that are languishing in my closet right now ...

Hurricane - I KNOW! I pretty much live for clothes swap parties!