Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Celebration Vacation

Ahh ... A nice stretch the morning after my birthday. Hurray for a long, lazy day!

08-07 detail

08-07 sunglasses

sunglasses - They're vintage from Vintage things in Burlington, KY.
top - Free People
undershirt - The Gap
shorts - thrift
shoes - Old Navy

My boyfriend took me camping on Alum Creek my birthday weekend. We ended up renting a Wave Runner and to keep his glasses on his face while speeding about on the water, he bought this glasses chain. I stole it from him afterwards because I freaking love looking like a librarian.

sunglasses - Rag-O-Rama
glasses chain - Alum Creek Marina
dress - yard sale

08-10 interview
Another Monday, another schedule full of job interviews. Cross your fingers for me...

08-10 interview detail

dress - Kohl's
belt - thrift
tights - Worthington
shoes - I can't remember at all. I personally shined them for the interview, though.

After the interview, I decided to don a brand-new birthday dress. HURRAY!

08-10 detail

earrings - I got them from a shop on Ludlow in Cincinnati that closed.
dress - American Living from JC Penney
shoes - Old Navy


Rosie Unknown said...

great outfits! I love your sunglasses.

Mars said...

love the last two outfits :D! i'm so jealous you found them at department stores. i have such rotten luck in those! happy belated birthday :)!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I love the polished look of the black dress, tights and shoes..then the nice pop in the red belt. I am glad to hear you had a good weekend. Hope job hunting is going well.

Becky said...

Rosie - Thank you!

Mars - I just ran into an old buddy and he and I waxed poetic on the deals to be found in some department stores. Perhaps he and I just spend too much time in malls ... heh!

Ms. B - Thanks for your kind thoughts! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for possible employment.

Londyn said...

Love your dress! Happy Birthday fellow Leo :)

Hope your interviews are going well. I'm curious what you're looking to do!