Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forays into Normalcy

Haltermon Jeans and T-shirt
So, I'm applying for a job as a fit model which entails trying on clothes and then letting designers see how they fit. Check out the job description and size chart. To apply, they needed a picture of me wearing jeans and a t-shirt and though I scoured my archive, I don't think I have a single image of me wearing something so normal. So here you have it: Jeans and a t-shirt.

See if you can find the change I made from when I took this picture and when I took the last picture.

06-17 chair

06-17 detail

halter - vintage
top - Old Navy
jeans - Old Navy
shoes - Old Navy

So I like to scour Old Navy's clearance ... What of it?


Rosie Unknown said...

That sounds like a neat job! Is it full time or part time?

Erin said...

I liked it better without the halter...

~Hurricane B~ said...

Besides that bright ass halter top? Lol..Your hair looks longer I think. I hope that you get that job, that would be to do that.=)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it's strange that Abercrombie's size chart goes from X-Small to Size 2, skipping people 5'3" - 5'5"?

Becky said...

Rosie - It says that there are full or part time openings ... I'm not sure really what that entails! If they get in touch with me, I'll tell you all about it.

Erin - I'd rather be interesting than pretty.

Ms. B - I hope I do, too! It sounds funny.

Anonymous - There are a lot of people excluded from that size chart ... It's pretty aggravating.

Anonymous said...

The earrings in the last picture are different. I win?

Becky said...

Anonymous wins! You will recieve a high five in the mail any day! heheh...