Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trading on Day Trips

So, Friday, I got a tattoo with my sister and her boyfriend:
05-22 tattoo
It's pretty badass. I'll understand if you're too intimidated to read my blog anymore.

This skirt garnered several compliments when I took a day trip to Yellow Springs on Saturday but it almost wasn't worth the high-waisted discomfort.

05-23 cat time
I'm growing tomatoes in a Shell oil bucket ... That's what we environmentalists call reuse.

05-23 hammock

05-23 books

head band - It was a gift from the wonderful Mel.
top - Forever 21
skirt - Rag-O-Rama in Columbus
anklet - Pangea in Yellow Springs
shoes - Old Navy

While crazy comfortable, I wouldn't recommend this ensemble for a day of ambling about town. I just felt too exposed.

05-24 blanket
Sweet mosquito bite on the chest there, Becks.

earrings - Pangea in Clifton
bra-let - Anthropologie
under tank dress - Pangea in Clifton
over tank dress - Free People
shoes - Old Navy

When Forever 21 didn't have the dress I wanted in my size (really? no mediums?), I bought this one instead. I think it's a fine runner-up.

05-25 sink

shirt - another gift from Mel!
dress - Forever 21
shoes - Old Navy

While in Yellow Springs, I stopped at a yard sale and got this dress for $1. Hurray!

05-26 head band

05-26 shoes

head band - Mel is the best gift-giver ever!
dress - yard sale vintage
shoes - Jessica Simpson, of all things


Erin said...

That's funny. I love the way high wasted things feel...

And while I'll continue reading this blog, my impressed meter might slide down. ;)

Jess said...

Don't beat me up!

I too have found myself oddly attracted to Jessica Simpson shoes. At first it felt so unnatural, so wrong, but I've grown more comfortable with it all and even purchased a pair. Alas, they were too big but the smaller size was nowhere to be found. Maybe next time.

I like the runner up dress quite a bit!

Becky said...

Erin - Gah, a low reading on the impressedometer?! A sad day, indeed. Maybe my gut is just too unruly for a high waist.

Jess - Yeah, I was disturbed at how many of the shoes I liked at TJ Maxx were from JS's collection. A similar taste in footwear might be all that we have in common with Ms. Jessica!