Monday, April 20, 2009

Sandal Days

04-17 dancing
Friday night, I donned this newly acquired vintage bathing suit to go out dancing. Because of this and because of my awesome fringy 80's bathing suit, I hereby declare this, the summer of 2009, to be THE SUMMER OF SWIMSUITS.

Bring it on!

04-17 dancing detail

sweater - Simply Vera by Vera Wang
bathing suit - vintage from the Florence Antique Mall
jeans - Mossimo
sandals - Old Navy ... or Gap. One of those.

Saturday, I wore sandals that were the envy of all at the Earth Day celebration at Cincinnati's Sawyer Point. They're made from recycled rice bags.

04-18 sandal
I fully intend to wear these sandals every day from now on. They're ecological, comfortable, and match everything in the entire world. Prepare for their world domination!

04-18 detail

earrings - antique from India and purchased at Mahatma in Cincinnati
sweater - Uhh... I don't remember.
dress - Crap. I don't remember that, either.
jeans - Mossimo
sandals - BC Footwear

04-1904-19 back
High heels and a short dress make a splash at Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park.

04-19 raincoat
Rain coats are far superior to umbrellas. Trust me on this.

04-19 detail

04-19 shoes

rain coat - thrift
ring - Old Navy
button up - I couldn't say.
dress - vintage
shoes - Banana Republic

My intern on this outfit: "You look like you belong in Japan. Or as a nanny."

04-20 sitting

04-20 detail

04-20 kitty approval

earrings - I got them at the most wonderful store on Ludlow that sadly closed recently.
pin - thrift
sweater - Old Navy
dress - vintage/thrift
jeans - Mossimo
shoes - BC Footwear


john does Amsterdam said...

Simply Vera by Vera Wang; talk about a little pump in the frump...

badass. i dig the sandals matching everything. i onyl go with navy flip flops, for that exact same reason.

Rosie Unknown said...

I so agree about the rain coats! Love the outfits, and the recycled sandals are amazing!

Budget Babe said...

i LOVE your style. glad I stumbled upon your site :)

Candycane said...

I love the grey dress AND the flowery one too!


Becky said...

John - I'm dangerously obsessed with those sandals but I refuse to worry about intervention until I get the urge to sleep in them. Hah.

Rosie - Umbrellas suck! Long live the rain coat!

Budget - Thank you!

Candy - I'm so dress obsessed.