Monday, April 6, 2009

Outfits for Optimists

I notice that when I am happy, these pictures turn out much better.

04-05 sitting
I was an extremely happy person Sunday.

04-05 shoes
A discussion upon trying these shoes on in the store:
Me: What do you guys think?
Bree, my awesome buddy: You look like a stripper.
Greg, my boyfriend: You look like a drag queen.
Me: Sold!

04-05 oops
Oh, the perils of being a self-portratist.

jacket - Free People
dress - the same ...
belt - thrift
shoes - Old Navy, I think. I got them at the Gap Outlet for $6.99.

04-0604-06 back
Today, I'm not as content. Hence, less fabulous pictures.

04-06 face

head band - the grocery store
button-up - Urban Outfitters
jeans - Free People
flats - Old Navy
ring - Rabbit Hash General Store


Clare said...

Those platform sandals are flippin' awesome! Perfect with that outfit..wish I had me a pair!

Oranges And Apples said...

I love the top outfit. You look hot, and yes, happy!

Cat said...

I love the neutrals in the first ensemble. I never used to buy khaki or brown neutrals, so now I'm drawn to them.

Becky said...

Clare - We are similar in our appreciation of stripper/drag queen shoes ... heh!

Orange - Thank you, dear!

Cat - I wasn't sure I'd ever wear the little tan and cream jacket but I find myself donning it constantly.

Londyn said...

Oh I LOVE that first dress and those shoes are killer!

Becky said...

Yeah, they've almost killed me! heheh...