Thursday, April 16, 2009

Okay By Me in America

My parents were listening to the song "America" from West Side Story a few days ago and I've had the damn thing stuck in my head ever since. That, I suppose, must have been the subconscious inspiration for this outfit.

04-16 belt
I think I'll go back to San Juan ...

04-16 pensive
I know a boat you can get on ...

04-16 sitting
Everyone there will give big cheer ...

Everyone there will have moved here.
earrings - They were my mom's.
purple top - Forever 21
belt - Also my mom's! Thanks, Mom!
skirt - thrift
shoes - Gomax


Rosie Unknown said...


john does Amsterdam said...

i think your style rock. def unique.

keep the badass pic coming :)

greets from AMS>

Becky said...

Thank you thank you!