Monday, March 23, 2009

Raaaaaspberrrrrry Beret!

03-21 going out03-21 going out back
I got these fabulous lace leggings Saturday and was forced to wear them that night. Look for them to be worn again soon ... Like, tomorrow.

03-21 going out detail

head bandana - thrift
denim jacket - Osh Kosh B'Gosh from the thrift store ... The embroidered design on the back was taken from a thrifted Mary Kate and Ashley vest
dress - thrift
lace leggings - Mustard Seed Boutique in Clifton
flats - Old Navy

03-2203-22 detail
The dirty hair head band strikes again!

03-22 sunglasses

sunglasses - Rag O Rama in Columubs
green shirt - Old Navy
black pants - Forever 21
wedges - Urban Outfitters

People having been singing Prince to me all day long.

03-23 detail

03-23 sunglasses

sunglasses - This really old eyeglass shop in Florence, Kentucky where my friend had an optomistrist appointment half a decade ago
vest - thrift
button up - Volcom from TJ Maxx
tank top - Billabong from Pangea
jeans - Free People
flats - Mossimo from Target

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Rachael said...

Much love for each of these outfits. Lace leggings - now on my wish list!