Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poodle You Love?

03-1103-11 detail
Another trip to A Gal Named Cinda Lou in Westerville, another adorable vintage dress.

03-11 face

03-11 shoes
Anklets are awesome. I had to modify this one because my Hulk-like ankles kept snapping its delicate links but it was well worth it.

headband - Kroger grocery
sweater - Target ... It's a little kid's.
dress - A Gal Named Cinda Lou in Westerville, outside of Columbus
jeans - Old Navy
anklet - Pangea in Clifton
shoes - Old Navy


Oranges And Apples said...

That dress is so so pretty!

Becky said...

Yeah, I can't wait until it's warm so I can wear it sans sweater!