Monday, March 9, 2009

Accessories that Please Me

Spring makes me want to wear psychedelic prints.

03-07 playin

03-07 detail

03-07 sippin

necklace - Steve and Barry's
dress - vintage
leggings - Lamixx
cowboy boots - thrift
diet coke - Skully's Diner ... Mmmm. Diet Coke.

This dress is unflattering in several regards but doesn't deter my ardor.

03-09 detail

03-09 sittin

sweater - Simply Vera by Vera Wang
dress - vintage
leggings - Lamixx
boots - thrift


Rachael said...

Gorgeous dress, it looks stunning on you! I'm loving these funky prints.

Sarah said...

heehee - your whistle necklace makes me smile. You look lovely as always :)

Becky said...

Thank you, ladies!

A whistle is an important accessory ... What if I need to referee an impromptu soccer game? heheh...