Monday, January 12, 2009

sewing projects, posing jackets

01-10 mended
While I wore a very unremarkable wardrobe over the weekend, I did work on this sewing project. I got this dress at the thrift store on Friday and at that time, it reached the floor like a giant, swinging muu-muu. I hemmed it ridiculously short and now await the moment I can wear it out dancing.

Things of Thrift: the dress!

01-1201-12 detail
I didn't feel particularly inspired this smorning though the sequined headband does make me happy. Plus, I'm wearing my favorite scarf - I made it from old ties several years ago. I recommend it. It is warm as hell.

Things of Thrift: the jacket, metal and ribbon jacket pin, boots, and boot scarf ... And the ties for the scarf around my neck.

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