Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hope Clothes

01-1801-18 coat
This is what I wore Sunday. The entire outfit was crafted entirely around my fancy new earrings.

01-18 detail01-18 makeup 2
An older woman in a coffee shop loved my earrings and said, "You go, girl." That made me quite happy.

Things of Thrift: The boots

01-2001-20 detail
I've been waiting for Obama's inauguration with bated breath ... Hurray! I celebrate with hopeful clothes!

01-20 earring
I figured today would be the last day I could wear these earrings with any real meaning.


Londyn said...

Why Becky! How are you my dear?

I see you are a fellow fashion blogger!

I am loving looking through all of your fabulous looks :)

My corporate-y job keeps me pretty "professional" every day but I still love to have a "look book" blog and also to visit every one else's.

Hope you don't mind that I stopped by your site!

Karen Beth said...

Those tights are fabulous! I might have missed the credit but where did you get them? Love your style!