Monday, December 22, 2008

a well-dressed Saturday


Saturday saw a lot of costume changes ...

12-20 01
First thing, I went to the thrift store with my good buddy Lisa and this is what I donned to troll the mounds of used clothes.

Things of Thrift: the dress and boots

12-20 02
With all of my amazing finds from the thrift store, I geared up for my awesome buddy Theresa's white trash party. Pretty trashy, no? Please note the cream colored tights, bra strap under the strapless dress, and scraggly bangs.

Things of thrift: the dress and jacket

12-20 03
After Theresa's, I came home and changed for a different party. This jumper was another thrift score. It is vintage and was originally long pants but I simply cut it off, rolled it up, and was on my way. It suffered a serious lipstick injury at the party and I hope I can launder it all better ... I love this thing.

Things of Thrift: the jumper and legwarmers


Sunday I was way underdressed for the seriously cold weather. But I felt pretty!

Things of Thrift: the cowboy boots

12-2212-22 detail

This is a new (to me) thrift slip. It came with the extra layer of lace sewn onto the bottome and it makes me wonder about the wardrobe of the previous owner.

Things of Thrift: the slip

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