Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Surprise and Two Disappointments

I took my dad to the doctor on Monday and while I was waiting for him to come out, I realized that my nails matched my sunglasses. This might be the kind of coordination that many achieve on purpose but I was so happy at the coincidence that I spent several minutes documenting it, fashion magazine-style.

11-11 11-11 detail
I was interviewed on Northern Kentucky Magazine on Tuesday. I did my best to look presentable but the footage is absolutely ghastly. The studio employs a powerful combination of stark lighting and high-definition cameras that make even the most elegant among us look like withered sufferers of acne.

11-12 11-12 detail
I wanted to wear this new top (it was $3 at TJ Maxx!) with different jeans but they were too filthy to don. I tried to compensate with vintage silver heels but it's having only limited success.

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